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Air Zimbabwe Fleet:

The Air Zimbabwe fleet consists of the following aircraft (as of September 2010)

Air Zimbabwe fleet included up to date technology planes. And to improve its fleet, airline has ordered 2 new AIRBUSS A340-500 planes.  After the induction of the new AIR BUSSES fleet will become strong and efficient.

Airbus A340-500
The A340-500 has a maximum takeoff weight of 365 metric tonnes (804,700 lb.) and ultra-long range capabilities of up to 9,000 nm./16,600 km.
A typical three-class cabin for the A340-500 designed to comfortably seat a maximum of 313 passengers in first, business and economy.
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Air Zimbabwe Fleet
Airbus A340-500
0 (2 on order)
International and medium haul
Boeing 737-200
105 (12/93)
Domestic and short haul
Boeing 767-200
230 (30/200)
Xian MA60
60 (0\60)
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Boeing 737-200
The Boeing 737 is a short to medium range, single aisle, narrow body jet airliner. Originally developed as a shorter, lower-cost twin-engine airliner derived from Boeing's 707 and 727, the 737 has nine variants with the -600, -700, -800 and -900 currently in production.

Boeing 767-200
The narrowest widebody in service, the 767 started life as an advanced technology mid to large size airliner in the late 1970s.
Launched in July 1978, the 767 was developed in tandem with the narrowbody 757 with which it shares a common two crew EFIS flightdeck (with six colour CRT displays) and many systems. The 767 also features a unique width fuselage typically seating seven abreast in economy, and a new wing design with greater sweepback (compared to the 757) which was designed with high altitude cruise in mind.
The 767 program also features a high degree of international participation, with Japanese companies in particular having a large share of construction.
Initially Boeing intended to offer two versions, the longer 767-200 and short fuselage 767100 (which was not launched as it was too close in capacity to the 757). The 767 first flew on September 26 1981, and entered service (with United) on September 26 1982 (certification with P&W engines was awarded on July 30 1982).
The longer range 767-200ER (Extended Range) version features higher weights and an additional wing centre section fuel tank. It first flew on March 6 1984, and service entry, with Ethiopian Airlines, was two months later. The 200ER accounts for 111 of the total 239 767-200s order

Xian MA60
The Xian MA60 ("Modern Ark 60") is a turboprop-powered airliner made by China's Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation under the China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC I). The MA60 is a stretched version of the Xian Y7-200A.
The airplane received its type certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China in June 2000. The first aircraft was delivered to Sichuan Airlines in August 2000.
As of October 2006, XAC has received over 90 MA60 orders. The factory had delivered 23 MA60s by the end of 2006, and expects to deliver an additional 165 units by the end of 2016.

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