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Victoria Falls:
This resort town boasts one of the world’s Seven Wonders—Mosi Oa Tunya or Victoria Falls! 150 million years after their birth and found on the Zambezi, one of Africa’s longest rivers, Mosi Oa Tunya-“The smoke that thunders“- is the focal point of Zimbabwe’s tourist industry and still the major tourist attraction in Africa. The Zambezi Gorge, found on the Falls, offers some high-adrenaline activities such as water rafting and bungi-jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge. Victoria Falls is accessible by air, road or rail. It is a one hour flight from Harare if the flight is direct, or two hours away if the flight goes through Bulawayo.

Zimbabwe’s second city, Bulawayo-which means“the place of slaughter“ was home to the last king of the Ndebele, Lobengula. One of Zimbabwe’s major tourist attractions, the Matobo Hills, lies approximately 35 kilometres south of the city. This unique area is a World Heritage Site and covers some 2 000 square kilometres.The city is 35 minute flight from Harare.

Harare [meaning ``He who does not sleep``] is the capital city of Zimbabwe, developed from as early as 1890 when it was called Fort Salisbury by the Pioneers, after the British Prime Minister of that time.

Harare boasts world re-owned five star hotels such as Meikles, The Sheraton, and Holiday Inn. Its jacaranda-lined avenues and reputation for cleanliness make Harare a very pleasant place to visit. It is the artistic centre for the country, hosting galleries with some of the best pieces of Zimbabwean sculpture.

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Harare can be seen as the focal entry point into Southern Africa and the rest of the African continent. They are daily fights out of Harare to South Africa and frequent flights to Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt and Ghana. A number of flights between Europe and Harare each week, are operated by Air Zimbabwe.

The capital of Zambia is a vibrant business centre in Southern Africa and is regarded by the regional capitals as a vital host to Southern Africa’s vibration movements. Lusaka is less than an hour’s flight from Harare and Victoria Falls and hosts a large number of Privately – owned game reserves. Although not as abundant as Zimbabwe’s Zambia’s game is more “captive” as it is concentrated in the private game reserves and the Livingstone National Park.

Located in the South African prime business district called Gauteng, Johannesburg – also known as the city of gold – is the hub of the country’s commerce.Often called Jo’burg, Johannesburg is very modern and is South Africa’s largest and richest city where life is fast-paced and frenetic.

Sights in Jo’burg include excellent art galleries as well as fascinating museums, which offer an honest and self-critical look at the nation’s sometimes troubled past, and the Market Theater Complex, which houses theaters and a Saturday flea market.

Negotiate with a taxi driver to give you an impromptu tour through Joburg’s best neighbourhoods – you will see some large and impressive mansions hidden behind imposing security. The history, diversity and stimulating energy of the city is quite compelling.

Tours are easily arranged in Johannesburg for those who want to visit the black suburb of SOWETO (Southwestern Townships). Excursions include trips to see the fossils at Sterkfontein Caves, Gold Reef City (the old Johannesburg Gold Mine) and a vast array of other tourist attractions. Air Zimbabwe flies to Johannesburg every day.
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